Tiny House

We have been following the “tiny house” movement since 2002. I remember reading somewhere about Jay Shafer’s home he built in order to live a little more reasonably and that struck a cord with me.

For us, intentionally sized homes make sense. Smaller spaces mean less possessions to manage and clean. Another concern of ours is energy consumption, smaller spaces use less energy.

A final attribute, and the most important, is the cost. We are strongly against debt! It is a tremendous burden to young families to have to deal with making payments. We believe that it is wiser to spend more time with your family and have less “material possessions” than the other way. Smaller spaces and affordable land offer this time to invest in your family.

Our goal is come up with a plan to offer young families or individuals, a way to have a mini-farm that is debt free with about seven years worth of savings. This is a much easier plan than the traditional 30-40 year payment plan which triples the amount you actually pay due to interest.

Our “tiny” home is 12’x32′. We built it at our old location and moved it to our new land in 2012. Our family of 5 finds it comfortable and cozy.  I built it myself with some help from my dad and some good friends. The entire build took about 3 months, working mostly part time.

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There are plenty of good resources on how to build these little homes. Here’s a couple to begin:



Below is an interesting video on Dee Wiliams: