Invest and Support our work

We are grateful to all of our customers, CSA members and volunteers who have helped and supported us since we began. There are still things we need to complete our infrastructure and research on arid land food production.

Below you’ll find a “wish” list of projects that need funding as well as general farm items that would help us continue our work. If you are moved to help us through any of these items we would greatly appreciate it!



Wish List

  • -Complete interior of commercial kitchen and enclose outdoor porch on kitchen building $2500
  • -Vermont cart    $345.00 (large garden cart from
  • -Orchard trees (pomegranate, apples, cherry, pecan, walnut, peach)
  • -Earth works for entire acreage $1500
  • -8×18 trailer for new tiny home structure (volunteer housing) $1500
  • -Small diesel tractor with loader