La Buena Vida Farms’ Story

Our farm had its origins in our imaginations while working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. We felt the call to work the land after the birth of our first child. Since an agrarian life made the most sense for us, we set out looking for a place in 2007.  We traveled cross-country in search of our dream and landed in Portal, Arizona. Here in between the Chiricahua and Pelonchillo mountains we began La Buena Vida (the good life).

Our farming dream began with some borrowed land and two books, “The New Organic Grower” (Coleman) and “How to Grow More Vegetables” (John Jeavons). In hind site, it would have been a lot easier to WWOOF and learn from someone else’s mistakes and succeses. In 2012, we moved to our new location and started farming our own land.

Our new farm consists of 22 acres, one of which is cultivated for food production. We are building our infrastructure around the tiny house movement, where buildings are smaller, purposeful and intentional.

La Buena Vida Farm is entirely off grid. We are limited to consuming only the energy that we can produce. At first, this seemed like a daunting task, but it turned out to be a simple lifestyle adjustment.


We hope to share the many lessons we have learned here through an arid-lands permaculture education center. This built around an agrarian self-sufficient village encompassing tiny purposeful buildings/mobile structures.

It is our desire to build a model of sustainable, productive, affordable mini-farms with tiny dwellings. We believe this model is ideal for families with limited funds who desire to live debt free.