Farm Update – 2013

Now that we have been on our new land for over 6 months we are really starting to feel “settled in.”  Our focus is now on planting and garden expansion rather than “where should we put this or that?”  It’s great to have spring just around the corner with warm weather on its way.  There is an excitement in the air and we are ready to get on with our future!

Jerry was able to attend this year’s week long  “grain school” at Native Seed/SEARCH in Tucson, AZ.  It was an amazing experience; there was a wealth of knowledge that was shared throughout the week.  Jerry and I have had a passion for some time now about ancient grains, especially wheat.  After the “grain school”, we were certainly not going to pass up the chance to plant the White Sonoran Wheat that Native Seed/SEARCH provided us.  This wonderful native, ancient wheat is “soft” wheat that makes beautiful artisan breads as well as large, delicious flour tortillas. Its sustainable dry-land production was even once responsible for making the Gila River Valley and Central Valley the breadbaskets of the West.  We hope to in the future to be able to provide a consistent source of this rarely used wheat to our community.