Semillas Project

Have a Semillas cooperative farming experience

La Buena Vida Farm is proud to announce the creation of the Semillas program. Semillas is a cooperative farming experience. Participants will have the opportunity to live and work a Tiny Farm of their own. La Buena Vida Farm will provide the space, tools, knowledge and experience to help participants learn the many aspects of small scale food production. Semillas infuses the traditions of mentoring internships with a modern learning approach.

Semillas participants will live in a tiny off grid cabin with a composting toilet, where they can learn about off grid living. The farming space includes 3000’ of growing space which is enough to produce approximately five CSA shares. There is a livestock stock option which includes chicken, Muscovy ducks and/or milking goats.

The Semillas project will last about four months, enough time to prep, plant and harvest a wide variety of crops. Participants are encouraged to take their crops to market. Semillas is tuition based, participants can potentially re-coup their tuition through market sales. La Buena Vida Farm offers a shared kitchen in which value added products can be produced.